Conceptual Art: No Word Was Ever As Effective As a Rightly Timed Pause

Mark Twain

Concept Art from the <3


Amid the pandemic and extraordinary times our planet is experiencing, I have recognized that our lives are busy and our minds are even busier. My conference project has stemmed completely from the idea that getting outside into the fresh air (especially right now) can provide balance to the busy-ness of our minds.

In search of direction I paused, went outside and formed an arrow with a collection of brown and green leaves.


This is the “Slithering” snake leaf formation. One aspect I felt progressed with this piece was the precision about having trust in my creative decisions. The more precise you are about what you want to do and letting yourself explore, openly while forming whatever it may be the more you will have something that is on a path of growth.

Sunday Morning

The fondness I have for this piece and the process of creating it is immense. Taking my evidence of what I created in the previous works I immersed myself in the process gathering a plethora of different colored/textures of leaves and working off a simple concept, a leaf made out of leaves. Similar to my heart piece in my previous post I put myself in the work to represent the balance it brings me, having made what I created, doing it outside and taking a moment to express my gratitude for it all.

Similar to the Lorax speaking for the trees, I feel positioning myself in my work somehow speaks something for it that words simply can’t explain. Even if I only understand that, it is something I am happy to have embraced throughout this journey.

Let It Grow

Something I found difficult from start to finish in this course was over thinking my creative decisions. I found that the less you write down on paper and begin to dive deep in your own unique process the actual form start’s to blossom.

Bringing me to a final work, I wanted to incorporate leaves of course but with the weather changing I had to adjust accordingly.

Experimenting with a combination of the last of the lovely leaves of the season I created a tapestry of a symbol of balance surrounded by a unison circle of leaves, like they’re hugging the delicate center of a being. The symbol is in black and white in relation to ying/yang. Having experienced a bit of a hard time this semester juggling life as a whole this piece was in a sense, remedial.

Working in the fresh air never failed to make me feel further connected to the world and to myself. Koi Fresco said “Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow.

As an artist I want to continue pausing, growing my awareness, and creating as much as I can. Overall this course has helped me recognize that even further and I’m very grateful for that, and all the take backs this abnormal semester has brought me & my art.

Author: Belles Hardman