Paranoia as a System: A Conspiracy

This diagram piece is based on the classic conspiracy board look, with newsprint cutouts, written notes, photographic evidence, and connecting threads. The newsprint serves as a background for the photos, which are attached to the board with glue, with red tacks going through them. There are various amounts of red wire and white string connecting tacks to each other and to the middle. The majority of the strings and wires converge in the middle, creating a vertex. There are notes written in black and red pen on both the newsprint and the photos. Some phrases from the newsprint are underlined. These photos are evidence of a conspiracy outlined in the piece, which is all about the lack of access to tea on the Sarah Lawrence campus, and in the surrounding area. I took photos of the places where I ran into inconveniences in my daily search for a cup of tea, and put these photos on the conspiracy board, marking it up in an urgent and chaotic fashion. I then utilized the string and wire to connect these photos, using different amounts of wire and string for each photo. The futility of this tea conspiracy is pointed out when it is humorously tacked in front of urgent-sounding newspaper headlines. 

This project is personal to me because it contains snapshots from my daily life, and includes a good amount of my sense of humor. It serves as a satire about conspiracies and urgent news that I find to be funny, and it has a colloquial spirit in its visual aesthetic.

This project was made when I took note of the unusual difficulties getting tea in my local area. I thought it would be funny to take pictures of all of the places where this was happening, and tack them together in a conspiracy-like fashion. I used the simple but urgency-inducing color scheme of black, white, and red. I used different sizes of writing to create a more chaotic feel to the board, and varying amounts of wire and string in different places to add to the chaos. 

Author: Emma Kroll