Drawing Machines: Machine Image

One of my favorite things about art is being able to create from a vision and what I enjoy the most is getting to create art that represents me as a person. Sometimes it is impossible to describe a person with words, so the best thing possible is to use an image. Art allows me to describe myself in a way that cannot be verbalized. It can hold the complexities of my personality and my mind and how I live my daily life. 

I wanted to create images and art that I feel describe me and to do this I used objects that held memories and meaning to me. A huge part of my life is the color pink. The color being such an integral part of my personality, I have begun to link it with my actions and everything I own to create this personality I have cultivated. The color pink reminds me of innocent and comfort, the feeling of bundled up blankets surrounded by your favorite plushies and pillows. The color pink is in everything I do and create in some way even if the physical color is not. The pig hat, reminds me of my high school days, its cute, fluffy nature brings me back to when life used to be just a bit simpler. The butterflies reminding me of how hard life is, you cannot just fly away and you have to face life head on.

Another thing I love about creating art is the hidden meaning artists can sneak in. It’s so exciting when the tiny details in a painting emerge because I struggle to express myself with words so with a picture, it speaks louder than words. This allows me to be able to show sides of me that others can’t always see. Sometimes is see my art as a representation of my mental state. If my mental state could be turned into shapes and colors, I think it would look a lot like this. I get jumbled a lot, and I don’t always know what is happening. Sometimes my brain feels like mush and I don’t always know what is happening around me. The colors and words sometimes just blend together like ink in water. I have a hard time focusing and paying attention and so much in my life slips by me, I struggle with truly being in one place at a time, my thoughts constantly going a mile a minute, consuming my hours.

 As someone how is dealing with many issues, my brain can get loud and overwhelming and I honestly believe that this art depicts what it is like is a chaotic environment. The clock piece is one of my favorites because of the meaning behind it. I’ve always hated time and the concept of time. It’s moves too fast and I’ll be honest, it’s terrifying, I find myself wasting away the hours wondering where it all went. So this piece is my attempt to “capture” time as an attempt to slow it down, so I can live in the moment because before I know, I blink and it is gone.

Author: Sophie Knuettel