Drawing Machines: Birthday Candles

I created a pendulum ink dropper that creates pieces by distributing ink across the page by swinging back and forth. It features a pendulum cup mechanic that is filled with ink and distributes that ink while swinging through a metal tip at the bottom of the cup, creating fluid, wax looking patterns on paper.

The name “Birthday Candles” comes from both the concept and structure of the piece. The pieces is hel up by beer bottles and containers of baby puffs. These were recycled materials found in my room, the bottles actually from my birthday celebration back in February. It represents the jump in age between child to adult and how fast it happens. The pieces it creates remind me of birthday candles, the ink blots resembles drops of wax and the muted colors represent how it feels to actually get older. Birthdays are fun and colorful until you realize it means you went around the sun one more year.

The pendulum reminds me of a ticking clock or grandfather clock. More or less, it represents time for this piece. The time between being a child and adult can happen in the blink of an eye, going from learning to crawl to learning to drive feels as though it happens in mere seconds. My piece represents how it feels to me, you take one swing or a blink and before you know it, you are blowing out the birthday candles for your next birthday.

Author: Sophie Knuettel