Drawing Machines: Machine Image

These scans depict my face and putting on lip gloss, the different identification cards I must carry around with me, and soap bubbles which I found to look quite similar to a nebula or sky in space.

Finding the objects or poses was the most time consuming part of the process. I wanted the things I scanned to reflect who I was, but leaving some mystery, of course. With the scans, it was mainly trial and error which led me to create the scans you see today. Finding what looked good and cropping it to take the focus on a certain area. 

I find that the work I have created is a reflection of me and some aspects of my mind. In a way, I find my brain thinking in the vividness of these pieces and the focus on different parts of the objects. When I dream, I think this is how I dream; clear and real but in a haze of sorts. To address each work specifically, the self portrait is who I aspire to be. The lip gloss and glitter reflect the way I want to be perceived but the glitches show the difficulty behind perfection or even personal perfection. The card scan is more meta and a commentary on the world we live in. We are all human but we need certain cards to prove we are ‘the good ones’ or ‘real’. It’s just strange. Finally, the bubble piece was originally just about colours and the way paint travels in bubbles, but I found myself looking at these scans and seeing stars and space and the cosmos. Maybe our world is that small in the grand scheme of things. Small enough to be put in a to-go plate and be a spec of dried paint in this vast universe.

Author: Lily Finkelstein