Cultural HiJack: Indexicality

The two pairs of images displayed are from a large group of photos that I have taken over time that I would describe as being pieces of moments in time.

I felt compelled to include these photos in this exercise because it felt like an index of moments that I’ve captured that potentially fit into one central feeling, or message. I try to focus on and remember this “message” everyday: that the small tidbits that we often gloss over are so much more representative of our lives than the things we typically give so much weight to, like major milestone moments or achievements we’ve made. These mundane moments are the things that make up our day-to-day existences, but are often not the things we remember, so I always try to make a conscious effort to give them a little more weight, and to hold them a lot closer.

The sentiment of this project means a lot to me because I feel that it is truly one of the guiding forces of my existence. I’ve found that taking in the simple moments of the day and the little things I see as I walk about the world have made me feel more centered and secure in myself and so much more satisfied with my little life! When we put so much weight onto the big achievements we need to fulfill in our lives, we are often let down and rarely satisfied with what we have, and often get so caught up that we forget about what is and will always be right in front of us, so I choose to let the little tidbits have the power.

Author: London Hayes