Art From Code: Trippy Circles Conference Project


My code consists of eleven circles of circles extending out from a center circle. The circles’ directions go in the same direction every other line and then another direction every other line. The circles in the circles grow and shrinks as they spin. There are two semi opaque circles in the background that hit the sides changing each others sizes and the background brightness. 


For a lot of my other projects I have done more of a story using a main figure. Like I have done a monster whose eye changes red when the mouse is moved over its pupil and another, which is shown in my last post, which shows a golf scene. I decided with this piece to do something abstract that focuses on the use of color to try something new and push myself out of my comfort zone. 


I would say this piece was the hardest of my other pieces to code. It seemed at every step a new problem would arise. First I was able to make a circle but I wanted that circle to go into a circle of other circles. Then came repeating that and making the distance between them look visually appealing and not scattered. Next came actually making them move which thankfully after many trial and errors finally worked. Now with a trippy optical illusion I needed to actually do the main part of the assignment, make an ecosystem. For this I made two somewhat opaque gray circles behind my trippy spinning circles of circles. When the darker circle hits the side of the screen it changes the environment (background) brightness by -5 and when the lighter circle hits the side of the screen it changes the environment (background) brightness by +5. And when the darker circle hits the side of the screen its diameter gets bigger and it makes the other circle’s diameter smaller and then vice versa. And at every 2000 frames the brightness goes back to the original and the circles go back to their original diameter, this is so it doesn’t get too dark/light and the circles don’t get too big/small. 


This project shows my growth of coding throughout this semester. Going in with absolutely no knowledge of coding and exiting with many pieces I am proud of. With this piece I demonstrate my growth of color, movement, and flexibility to different art styles. I hope to give the viewer a bit of a disorientating and trippy experience in their viewing, similar to my own in my journey of learning code, but from it see the beauty from the complexity.

Author: Megan Krug