Drawing Machines: Crystal Crease

When we were told not to use paper for our project, I took it very seriously. I wanted to give myself a challenge by using a different material that can fold and crease.

Crystal Crease illustrates that depiction. Crystal Crease is a big transparent sculpture filled with little models crafted from different lengths and shapes of shower curtains. It has been sculpted into something that looks like a drape and comes with a light component that can be controlled using flashlights.

The reason I used shower curtains was because they were clear. For some reason, I really wanted the crumpled folds within each model to be seen, therefore I considered making a transparent sculpture. Some of the figures resemble flowers, while others were sculpted to emphasize the drapery-like appearance.

The easiest part of this project was deciding how I was going to fold each piece of the curtain. Following a planning process by Ron Reche, I incorporated valley and mountain folds, which were then crumpled and molded into a design. Some were flowers, some were left on it’s own, and some were set to fit the drape structure.

After getting opinions from different professors and my classmates, having a light fixture was something that would make this sculpture pop. Having it clear to a while wall was good to have as a background because with the light, it allowed the creases to be seen with a clean look. It looked clean and clear, and it made unraveling the creases so much better, and so much fun. To make this interactive, I used flashlights.

Overall, I’m very happy on how this sculpture turned out. I was able to make my challenge come to life with alternate materials than paper. This prompt motivated me to think outside the box, and I happy that this was the outcome of that!

Author: Elizibeth Coates