project update: a silt choreography


(early april)

Game update: Skinning, actualities


What i’m working on now 

I am working in Adobe Illustrate now on final art for the game, and the assets, as well as the flow of the game itself, is unfolding into a much more simplified version of the game I brought to workshop. All the of the conceptual underpinnings and the affect of the poem/the theory remains, but it’s a simpler project. There’s something very gratifying about this stripping away until what needs to be there is all that’s left (something we talked about happening in the stages of a game design project).

Impending breakthroughs

-discovering I should be fading in between scenes instead of trying to change the fabulation by learning collision/sorting layers in Unity.

-Currently sourcing some atmosphere (sonic), and learning how to insert this. 

Building progress / growth[s] (things that are getting easier)

Found using Unity for my own game in another iteration of learning a lot more instructive– Working with this material is helping the building techniques stick better. It’s been interesting getting lost (from time to time) in different tutorials’ methods, paths through the engine/Monodevelop, and realizing where the possibility of precision/elegance is in writing code, and where messiness just doesn’t even make sense. Something about working with the programs while already knowing what your goals are helps to understand why choices are made when/where (and serves memory better).

Above all, I’m finding the mindset needed to do this kind of work easier to access, and is changing my work process a lot. The anxiety around the process has left for the most part and that hardiness / understanding that it’s always going to be gritty (and when it works, really satisfying) is setting in.


To reiterate, elements still needed to integrate and figure out:

  1. sound
  2. c# methods for: the cover page, the collision reaction (the kill box), the activation of the screen, the holes in the screen, the insertion of audio, which will be layered sound and poetry. the feeling of pink stone.
  3. how to work like heavy industries