post-mortem: a silt choreography

Coming upon Open Studios this week, my game is at a point of playability. It is an environment. diamond hole 2 The final challenge  in building this game to be at a point for playability involved getting collision on the diamond portal to trigger the scene change needed to create the visual effect of the fog obscuring the landscape of the scene. (Slitting the encounter, as it were– the instruction provided on the main menu). While I had hope to have music prepared by this point, this will have to wait. Going forward: I plan to research on how to incorporate text and hypertext.  Look into different methods of incorporating into the code (Markhov chains or otherwise). The poem that underlies this work has to continue to permeate it. And other possibilities that I’m not even aware of yet! (Particle systems! As you said, Angela.) I will keep learning C#. And coding in general. As well as Unity. Moving in a slow/accelerating drift with this knowledge / this kind of work. I will keep incorporating what I’m thinking and how I’m learning to “listen”, thinking of gaming/the environments one can make in terms of proprioception/somatics and “listening”/perception itself in relation to pensive spectatorship/participatory spectatorship + stayng attentive to the political potential / tasks that go hand in hand with being in a position to construct an interactive dream with procedural rhetoric, keeping in mind that

“Listening is not a natural process inherent to our perception of the world but rather constructed by the conditions of the spaces and times that engulf us” Lawrence Abu Hamdan (Tape Echo) (Rubber Coated Steel, artist from Lebanon).

The challenge: To be always building and unbuilding.