Drawing Machine: Conference Project

My conference project is based on David Rokeby’s idea about the relationship between machines and humans. He is good at exploring and bestowing machines’ ability of reaction. In other words, machines can respond to people’s behaviors. Thus, I created this project, “Yell at It”, which is a coding image presenting changing patterns according to the volume of the noise people make. Although I am not adept at working with computer, I still chose a software project to breakthrough myself.

I got inspiration from two of our check-ins “solar system” and “compound forces.” I also used a picture that I took at the Grant Central Station as the background. Within the expectation, when I was working on the project, I encountered difficulties for several times. Fortunately, I successfully solved them under tutoring and gained great sense of achievement.

I feel satisfied to see the collaboration between humans and machines, especially when they are creating artworks together. Machines and humans are independent and complementary individuals, because they can do something that is unique and the other side cannot accomplish. When they trust and depend on each other, they can make magic happen.




Author: Yexuan Wang