Drawing Machines Conference Work

My conference work was based off the work of my artist, Bolognini. He made machines that drew images no one could see so I thought about who the drawing were intended for and came up with an inspired sketch of two machines who drew for each other rather than for people. From that I had a box that would compliment the work made by the other box.

I struggled with how human to make my machine. Do they have names? Does the box compliment the person’s drawing or the other box? It was also interesting in crit to see the difference in responses to the feedback of the boxes. In discussing my machine, the stamped response was considered either welcome positive feedback or a condescending comment on the little input the person interacting with the machine actually has on the drawing.

The machine leaves very little control to the person interacting with it. The drawing is not for or about the one who draws it but more about the relationship between the two machines who look at each other and know each others movements. I wanted to make a machine that made for each other and no one else.

Author: El Ryan