Systems Aesthetics: An Early System Color Slit Scan

My system that I have created is a slit scan that takes in a video from the computer web camera and moves the position of the video as it goes along and has a delay input so that the video get distorted.

At first my system just showed a distorted video from the web-cam but I wanted to make it even more abstract so I edited how how the draw function redrew the pixels from the video. Now the draw function draws only columns of the RGB values by sets of 5 of what is in the video. I did this by setting the new pixels to the video.pixels{get_pixel_index%5]. In the beginning I had some troubles with how to change the pixel index without getting an error message. After some trial and error I learned that you can’t change it to be bigger than it originally started off with so I decided to take the mod of the video. While watching the system work it is really interesting to see which colors the video picks up the most, there are many times where I put something in front of the camera and it starts showing colors that I didn’t even realize where there. The system is abstract since looking at the system work you couldn’t tell what the original was since it breaks it down to its most fundamental parts.