Drawing Machines: Spinning Wheel

For my conference project I will be making a spinning wheel. I was attracted to this idea after doing a bit of research and coming upon this machine that someone created, which then prompted me to want to recreate it. Since it is a spinning wheel, it is obviously going to spin and I’m going to have a fan-like attachment being dragged on a sheet of paper drawing. The wheel is going to spin and then the fan-like attachment is going to be drawing as the machine is rotating. I definitely have been using some of the concepts and machines we have looked at in class as examples and inspiration. In recreating this spinning wheel, I’m looking to add my own touch to it instead of just copying the original version. I also want the machine to be able to resist and not just do exactly what you’d expect it to do when looking at it.

I think a machine is very useful to achieve a drawing because I’m aiming to take something that relatively popular, a spinning wheel and turn it into something unexpected and something that will make a unique drawing machine. I will use motion in a circular direction. I will use freedom in the sense that, I want the actual part that is drawing to be very free and not just move in a circular motion I want to make a weird non unison drawing. I will be using repetition by have the machine go around in a circle.

I am interested in this project because when I saw a picture of it online, I immediately was drawn to it just be looking at it and thought it would be a lot of fun to try and recreate it using my own imagination. When in conference different ideas and materials have been discussed to help me come up with a plan on putting my own twist on the machine which has been a lot of help. I want this to be a project were the view can interact with the machine and try it out for themselves. So hopefully when we do our critiques in class people will be able to try the machine out. I didn’t really get inspiration from anywhere in particular, I just did a lot of research on spinning drawing machines and found a bunch of different types of drawing machines.