Art From Code: A Response to Vera Molnár

First Image

Vera Molnár approached her work through gradualism. She would change one parameter at a time and evaluate the aesthetic alterations. This way of creating is a smart way to understand the power of a singular artistic choice. I explored this manner of thinking by using simple shapes while altering the gradient of the strokes and fill.

For the initial version I began with a grid of triangles. The coordinates of the triangles are randomized. This image on its own is simple yet pleasing as it is orderly with just a touch of disorder.

The first variation I made affected the stroke weight. I also randomized this parameter, which adds some gradient to the image. It is honestly a little less satisfying since I feel like I want the darker triangles to outline an image within the grid, but it is only random.

Second Image

Next, I decided to add noise to possibly achieve motion within the image. I think it is aesthetically nicer than the previous version as it provides some texture.

Third Image

I then decided to adjust the fill of the triangles.

Fourth Image

I then layered noise back into the sketch.

Fifth Image

I actually really enjoyed the process of gradualism since it forced me to slow down the way I create and really made me think about my next steps. I am also able to examine my own aesthetic reactions to each change I make. I feel like this process allows me to make more interesting choices.