Remix the City: Visual Code of Heimbold

When I first saw Heimbold, I immediately thought of the art building in my high school in Rhode Island because the major glass doors and windows and the contour of the wood structure in both buildings.
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I enjoy staying in Heimbold since there is always something attract me. You can see a piece of artwork in any classroom, on a particular wall, even on the vending machine. The building always took me by surprised for having so many exciting things to explore. Heimbold also strikes me with its flexibility and its possibility for people to intervene. For example, the space hijack of our class! We used our common sense of what makes a living room and brought our props and turn a space into another. It was such an exciting experience. My friends came up to me and expressed how jealous they are that I am in such a creative fun class.
Heimbold has the ability to accept so many messages for me to read that no other buildings in Sarah Lawrence could do.

Author: Yixian Chen