Remix the City: Sticker Project — IKEA Logo

I started my Sticker Champaign Project with confusions. After seeing some urban interference examples of reframing during the seminars and in the textbook. I started gather some idea for making a poster or advertisement form of reframing. Being interested by the reframing work of adding the Photoshop frame to an advertisement of supermodels in the subway. So I thought about doing my project by adding something to what is already done. Angela and I discuss some possible topic that might be interesting to work with. Then I started to focus on the issue of forced labor.
I worked with IKEA’s catalog for a little while by adding some black and white inmate labor figures on the wall and Anti-slavery icons on the furniture into the catalog. The result came out to be too busy. There were several items in the image. Then I looked up “forced labor IKEA” and one result really came out to me. There were eight major companies that used forced labor or child labor for manufactories. I looked them up and decided to play with the logos of IKEA, Victoria’s Secret, and Hershey’s. For the first try, I added cell bars to the ellipse yellow part; turned the pink stripes of Victoria’s Secret into black and white to make it like a cell uniform; posted a child labor image on the Hershey’s milk chocolate bar rapping paper. For the second draft, I changed the yellow ellipse of IKEA into a realistic photograph of jail; adding a chain and lock on the VS logo. The final draft of IKEA is tone the color of the cell into yellow. My IKEA logo stickers were installed on the tables in the Heimbold Café. IKEA 02IKEA01
I think the IKEA project was a great experience for me as an artist. Because I started off confused on the term “reframing”. But I started doing it anyways. After speaking with Angela, it became clearer to me what the project is about. As an art student, it was interesting to think about you can always do something with art even you don’t understand it. That’s the beauty of art. You can always start doing art, even without knowing what you are doing. The IKEA project has brought me abundant experiences. I am very happy about my outcome of the prison IKEA logo.

Author: Yixian Chen