Remix the City: Conference Project Post #2 — 100% YC Labels

I am sticking with my original idea of conference project, doing a series of sticker labels. My first sticker project of IKEA is to deliver the message of using forced labor in major companies. It was sort of serious and political. So, for my second attempt, I want to do something closer to my individual life.
After reading Wodivzko’s Strategies of Public Address, he characterize the strategies of public art has very little to do with social practice. Art in public places want to protect the bureaucratic aestheticism, separate the artist practice from critical public issues, and then imposing the purified practice on bureaucratic exhibitionism.
I feel like his description sort of fit in to my idea of my sticker label project. I focused more on things that are closer to my daily life and the autonomy of art. I consider my project as an example of liberal urban decoration.
Here are some sketches of my initials and labels:


Author: Yixian Chen