Remix the City: Conference Post#1 — 100% YC Labels

According to Saskia Sassen, branding is the basic mediation between individuals and markets. In order to have a successful urban intervention, it is important to understand the relationship between the people and the society, the connection between men and objects. Sassen says that it is central to the experience of the urban, and it makes legible transitions and unsettlements of specific spatiotemporal configurations. For the conference project of New Media Lab: Remix the City. I am making a series of stickers. I always pay attention to the contents of labels on the clothing, which inspired me to play around with idea of components in objects. For a label of a clothing, it always includes the brand of the cloth (ex, Abercrombie & Fitch), the materials and the percentages of materials are used (ex, 100% cotton), the direction of washing (ex, machine wash cold, do not bleach), and country of manufacture (made in China).
I am going to look for other objects in life such as a suitcase, a water fountain in Heimbold, or a bench in a park. I will be printing my labels to sticker paper, and also sketching some designs of pattern or icons to include on my labels. For installation, I want to divide my labels into three groups and install them separately: one in Heimbold, one in sites in the city, and one on personal things. I will photography them after the installation. And upload them to the Internet, also as a part of my project. For digital networks are contributing to the production of new kinds of interconnections underlying what appear as fragmented topographies, whether global or local. By using the Internet, I will be able to strength communications and transactions globally and locally.

Label on cloth
照片 1-1

Sketch of my cup label
照片 2-2

My initial designs

Author: Yixian Chen