Mapping the Invisible: Visionary Post Mortem

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We agreed on the idea of playing with elevation and maze. Our site is Marshall Field. Since the site is surrounded by different elevations(people can sort of see the place from the back door of Heimbold) The viewers are able to see the layout of our maze structure pretty clearly on the steps (sort of being “visionary”) Also, we uses a lot of different materials to decorate our structure skeleton. While people interact with our marker. They experience a completely differently from seeing it above or outside. We considered our site to be pretty deserted. So we thought about a lot of how to attract people to our site. We play with sound and light reflections using foil papers. It was really successful.

The process of working a group project was really fun. It was both harder and easier. It was hard to get everyone to meet and work on our project. It was easy when everyone divided the works which made everything done in a short amount of time. Also it was great to hear everyone’s idea and ways of thinking and working.

We really enjoyed this project and it was a great success!

Author: Yixian Chen