Remix the City: Questions of Space

For my post of question of space, I am going to make a manifesto on space on abstract art after a very interesting reading experience of Ad Reinhardt’s How to look at Space. Reinhardt is an abstract painter in New York who I came across in my class – Beyond Perspective: Mathematics and Visual Art.

How to look at space?
A man’s idea of what was “real” depended mainly on how he felt and thought about “space”

Space is a relationship between things and time

A drawing is a division of space
A line is an edge of space
Shapes and colors are spaces
A painting is a flat space
Architecture is the art of spaces

Abstract artworks are real spaces
An abstract artwork will react to you if you react to it
You get from it what you bring to it
The spatial relationship between you and the artwork is commutative

Author: Yixian Chen