Space HiJack: Donuts

For my space intervention assignment I decided to fill a box with donuts and hide it somewhere in the main lobby of Heimbold. What inspired me to use donuts as my point of intervention for this box assignment was the inevitable reaction that donuts bring: happiness.

I knew that this was the emotion I wanted my box project to inspire because it is the opposite emotion that I interpreted when analyzing the visual code of Heimbold a few weeks prior. When I walk through Heimbold, I always notice the unpleasant demeanor of my peers. The students in Heimbold tend to look forlorn, upset, and extremely preoccupied with the art they’re making. I wanted to try and reverse this negative environment and bring the people of Heimbold a little bit of happiness.

unnamed-1   unnamed

What amazed me the most about this assignment was the immediate success of my box. Within seconds of hiding my box, I saw students flocking to the box to grab a donut. I was confident that dessert would stimulate a positive response, but I didn’t expect the response to be so immediate. Within 10 minutes, all of the donuts were gone and there was a crowd of students in the lobby of Heimbold smiling.

I am extremely pleased with the success of my box assignment, and even more satisfied knowing that I managed to wipe the frowns off of cranky SLC students’ faces, if only for a few minutes.