Remix the City: Space HiJack — BIZARREBAZAAR BOX

My box project was funny. When I thought about what makes me happy, I said dressing up.
I love clothes. I love everything about a dressing room littered with textiles. So I wanted to create a dressing room.
On gimp  – my idea to create a dressing room didn’t go as planned. It looked like an odd, pixelated, rotated room with bad lighting.

So I dug a little bit deeper and pictured my ideal showcase of textiles.
I decided to create an EXTREMELY simplified Turkish Bazaar.
I love Bazaars because they appeal to one part of my personality, the more feminine, romantic, and ornate side of me.
Heimbold’s sterility appeals to the other side of me.

So today I dressed like my friend, Arlen/ Not because she is feminine (I really do look like an intergalactic 80s rapper…)
But because she is shockingly ornate in every way. She is also an artist and I felt the need to get into character.

I am way more sterile and simplified than Arlen. I appreciate minimalism. She rejects it completely.
She dressed like me (think culturally appropriating witch) because the world she is doing is more technical (editing videos).

So today, In Arlen’s clothes, I created a box.
I took a white cube that I found in SoulCycle’s dumpster and built propellers to place on top of it.

I took all of the tapestries and scarves in my house and cut off the bottom of each one – then I draped it on top of the wooden propellers so it alludes to a rotating textile rack. A rack coated in persian rugs and wraps and cloaks.

Then I created a VERY simple color-coded collage and pasted it to the box.
Each panel represents a different color
I have red, blue, gold and black.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 3.44.54 PM

Lastly, I installed it. I chose the elevator. I don’t know anyone who uses the elevator besides me (it’s my favorite room in Heimbold), but the box looks playful does an extreme job of juxtaposing the cold, chrome elevator.

I wanted to add warmth and comfort through color, patterns and materials.
Then I installed it in a contained atmosphere where it could be the center of attention, even though it sort of looks like it’s cowering in the corner.

I felt sort of embarrassed in the elevator when two professors asked why it was in the way.

Naturally, I denied affiliation.