Art From Code: Molnar

Creating patterns through repetition was definitely an interesting experience for me. Honestly, at first, I wasn’t really understanding the appeal of gradualism. But as I began working to create my own set of patterns, I found it extremely interesting to see how changing one thing could affect the entire piece. The challenging thing about this project for me though was changing something so small that it wouldn’t alter it entirely. Its always interesting to see how something gradually changes over time, but incorporating this into an art piece was definitely more of a challenge. You had to create something that was so distinctly different each time, but also so similar in the same way.

So for this assignment, I made it so that the ellipses and rectangles were within each column and row. As I start to change the variables, the pattern became a bit more messier than each previous one, until the last one where it looks the simplest. So for the ellipses, the variable I changed was the spacing in between each one, while for the rectangles the variable that I changed was the size.

I think gradualism is very unique type of art because unlike any other art piece you really get to see the entire process. For a lot of things in life many people only see the end piece or final parts of a story, but a lot of the times the journey (or the process) is just as important and interesting, because it really starts to unravel how everything turned out the way it did. Too be honest, I enjoyed this type of art because it really led me into a completely separate direction as to where I was headed.

Author: Ben Park