Art from Code: A Walk through the Woodway

Imagine you are on your way to see a revolutionary show. You are not quite sure what exactly will happen or who will be there but you are certain that a quality experience is destined to occur. You arrive at a parking lot in West Harlem where a large Grey Hound bus awaits you and others. This bus is meant to take you 45 minutes out of the city to the Northwest side of the Hudson River. The bus ride is simple, clean, and allows you to detach from the chaos that the city provides a constant stream of. The soothing bus suspension creates a relaxing, somewhat meditation experience before the true experience begins…

The time is 7 PM and you are arriving at the site. The bus pulls down a gravel road until it stops at the edge of a wooded area. The time of year is mid-Spring, around May, and the sun is slipping into golden hour. As you and your peers step off the bus, a person dressed in all white and a headset directs you to a path that leads into the woods but not before you are handed a biodegradable cup with champagne. You are unsure of what comes next but pleasantly excited and curious. You continue forward into the woods along the path with staggered groups. The trees have flower buds popping out. The birds hop from branch to branch, as curious as you are. There’s a stream as well that gathers some Oo’s and Ah’s from city folk who are deprived of unkempt nature. The sound of the water builds and builds but you’ve made it past the stream. You assume there’s more water ahead but then you hear it, the drums. Somewhere around you, all around you, there is the build sounds; of music. 

It’s at this moment that you realize you are not walking to the show, you are now within the show. Not a second later a light flashes ahead. Illuminating branches and you see a figure within the trees. Then another and another! There are people standing just off the path, still as the trees. You realize they are models. They are sporting clothing that bleeds out exceptional colors. These figures are molded within the nature, complimenting their surroundings as their surroundings simultaneously compliment them. This is the show. 

Golden hour has set in and the sunlight bleeds through the thicket of branches high above with a red tent. The distance of the forest appears almost purple and the ground has melted into layers of pastel greens and dark browns. The further you stroll, the more populated the forest becomes with models, each decorated in an assortment of clothing from what you believe is one designer. 

At this point, you are nearing the end of the trail and see an opening near the end. The music is building and hums are beginning to ring through the woods, surrounding you. As you breach the edge of the woods, you see a small clearing with a group of models surrounding a live music set up. This is what you’ve been hearing, a live set. Imagine a Beastie Boys concert meets Sunday Choir situated in the center of a quiet field. This is the experience, this is the show.

This is the imaginative story that encapsulates my conference project for Art From Code. 

The process of coding was revolved around perfecting the color and the depth of the scene. The coded scene was intended to depict the feeling that would come with experience a walk through fashion/live music performance show experience with an element of mystery. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into this experience. 

Author: Will Wilson