Drawing Machines: Machine Image

Describe the object

On my 16th birthday my mom and step-dad got me this cool set of wireless headphones that had my name printed on them. I immediately asked my mom if she could help me choose a case for them because I was scared I would lose them like I had in the past. We ended up choosing a stitch one that was really cute and since then I haven’t changed it. It’s a bit damaged now but it has been holding up pretty well and it keeps my headphone’s case from breaking.

Describe your motivation in creating this object

I knew from the start that I wanted to create an image with my headphones case. I liked the color and it was a good physical recordatory of a special moment that I had. So I decided to try and make it look like color was escaping from the case into a space of blackness.

Describe your process

I wanted to put emphasis on the color of the case and try to bring some colorful theme to the dark space in order to make it somewhat lightner. I wanted to be able to see the case so I thought that splashing some color around might be the simplest way to bring some contrast to the black. I wanted it to be as simple as I could and I really tried to make it look effortless so I decided that it was best if I just let the droplets of paint splash almost everywhere. I desired to represent my emotions without people really noticing the message that I wanted to get across this piece. If it’s true that I could have used another background instead of the black I choose to keep it that way to represent the tough times that I was going through in those moments. Also, I wanted to represent that one thing that kept me and will always keep me floating is music that’s seen by my headphone’s case. Finally, the color splashes meant that music will always bring color to my life even in the darkest times. 

What does the project mean to you?

This piece is very meaningful because it shows how much music affects my daily life if I could listen to music all day I would because it helps me relax and not overthink stuff like I usually do. Also, it keeps my anxiety and fears at bay and is just a really nice and simple way of relaxing my brain into not thinking about stuff. I’ve always been connected to music since I was little and I remember when my mom used to drop me off to school she would put music from when she was younger, and now whenever I sing along to this songs with my mom and we would create a cute mother and daughter moment. I’m not really good at socializing and I just don’t feel the need to since I have my music and my books. It’s a simple life with not many complications.

Author: Samantha Rojas