Drawing Machines: Machine Image

Work Title: Self Summoning Circle

Describe your object: This is a scan of a small hand mirror, the chain necklace I wear every day, and two syringes, with a cloth shopping bag as a backdrop. The scanner settings were altered to increase the green and magenta intensity in the image.

Describe your motivation for making this object:
I wanted to scan the syringes that I use to draw up my medication, because they are a very mundane object to me, but to most people they are shocking or scary looking. I also wanted to experiment with the color settings on the scanner, and see how I could add interest to my pieces by manipulating the technology at my disposal.

Describe your process:
First I placed the mirror on the scanner screen, and then composed the other elements around its central circle. I choose to take the protective caps off of the syringes and add a metal carabiner to add more visual elements. Once I had arranged the objects as I liked, I lay a cloth shopping bag over everything, to create a somewhat stable but not entirely plain background. Finally, I messed with the scanner settings pretty randomly, trying to get some intense, colorful output. 

What does this project mean to you?
This image really does feel like a summoning circle for myself. This is partially because of the composition that focuses around the circular mirror, but the components of the scan as well, because all the main objects are things that are very central and necessary to my life. This piece makes me think about the power imbued in objects by use, and the metaphysical properties of mirrors as portals.
Author: Simon Darrow