Bad Guys: Group Game #1 Sin City Bouncer

Our initial idea was to create a game that will require a player to circle the bouncing ball. The circle was supposed to bounce on the screen, while the speed would be increasing every time it would touch the border of the screen, thus making it very hard to make a circle motion and beat the game. The game was originally supposed to be black and white.


After the first play test we realized that it would be very difficult to program the circling motion, so we decided to change the concept and to a mouse press. In order to stop the circle from bouncing the player is required to mouse click on the ball as soon as possible. The play testing also showed that we needed to add more circles in order to make the game more interesting and difficult. This proved as a right decision because it definitely improved the game and made the players react faster. We decided to move away from traditional black and white colors, and try something different. We changed the circle color from white to red, and instantly got the name for our game : The Sin City Bouncer. The name complimented the game perfectly. We added the timer because the game would be too easy without one.We tested the time and realized that 15 seconds would be the perfect timing. It makes the game more complicating ad addicting.


In our final version the game starts with the three circles on the screen quickly approaching borders and creating three more circles, giving the total number of circles to six.


For the future version of the game we want to limit the amount of clicks (add lifes). We also want to create more levels and make it more obvious for the player to realize when the game is over(both winning and losing).