Mapping the Invisible: Site Specific — Flaneur

We are imagining our psychogeographic figure in this way

The concept of the flaneur centers around walking and looking. The flaneur is an observer of the crowd, whilst simultaneously being a part of the crowd.

We are using this figure in order to…
subvert perceptions of isolation in relation to the notion of the crowd. We are hoping that those looking at the sculpture can gain a new understanding of what it means to observe a familiar zone, but perceive it in an alternative consciousness.

We are responding to our site in these particular ways…
There is a lot going on at and around our site. There is a slanted piece of land, multiple rocks, trees, and a student gathering zone lovingly entitled “the hot rock.” We are hoping to work with this varied landscape and reflect it from multiple perspectives that will allow our participants to observe it in different ways than they are accustomed to. By utilizing predominantly shiny, reflective materials, we are hoping to create the illusion of the crowd and melt away the observer’s false notions of isolation. Since this is a social gathering zone, we want our sculpture to be large enough to engaged with by a large crowd of people. We are also hoping that it could be a conversation point for numerous people. We’re hoping to build our noodle-like structure into the slant of the land, working with the natural curve of the Earth, rather than in direct opposition to it.

We are working with these materials…
mylar, plaster, and chicken wire

Mylar for life.
Mylar for life.
sketch of our sculpture in the site