Mapping the Invisible: Site Specific — Criminals

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We are imagining our psychogeographic figure in this way:

  1. Taking the role of the criminal by stealing the focus of the space, as well as stealing the resources and characteristics of the space, such as light and shape. We’re incorporating the concept of misdirection into our space by refocusing the light using reflective powers.
  2. Using the criminal figure in order to simultaneously misdirect the viewer, while also revealing a new perspective angle of the space by subjecting it to irregular viewing possibilities. Because the space is both common and public, it’s often traversed in full exposure. The concept of the criminal is almost an antithetical one in comparison to the original state of the space, and we’re looking to re-imagine and re-define the possibilities of the space.
  3. Responding to our site in these particular ways: mimicking the shape of the space in our arch like triangular sculpture, re-directing the lights, working with steel, mirrors and mesh

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Author: Rosamund (Rory) Grene