Mapping the Invisible: Criminals — Site Preliminaries & Project Sketches

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We want to incorporate the concept of light and darkness in our project, to represent criminality in our structure. We’re planning on using broken mirrors and glass, to manipulate and reflect the lights in our space. The space is transitional, and we’re interested in making a structure that can be engaged with, even by the average passer-by. We’ve chosen to use steel over wood, because there’s a darker and more criminal connotation to steel.

The lights will be surrounded by panels the refocus their energy, playing directly with the duality of “refocusing energy” in a socio-criminal connotation, as well as its physiological connotation.

The arches that balance each side of the walkway will be structures from steel, interrupting and re-directing the regularity of the view of the space. They also evoke the idea of bridges, a common site for criminality. In using the triangle form for the arches, the structure is literally “stealing” the concept of the natural space, which is divided into triangles.

Author: Rosamund (Rory) Grene