Psychogeography : Revolutionary

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The revolutionaries are considering the notion that’s imbedded in national history as “manifest destiny,” that is that land belongs to us to live is American lifestyle.

We are interested in recontextualizing the landscape – beyond ownership, the assumption of the meaning of the land. 

Because we are revolutionaries, we have been considering ways to direct pedestrians “off the beaten path” and onto the dirt/grass area that leads to our allotted territory.

We have several ideas.


Our first is to play with the role of the flag in “the revolution.” It’d be easy to create a flag; an isolated, unavailable, emblematic totem and bringing it into a realm of physical accessibility. But we’d like to do something unique with this pathetic emblem, in order to play with the idea of mapping topography.

Ex: the placement of the flag on the moon. The most rudimentary gesture that represents the most revolutionary happening in human history. We’d like to target this cognitive dissonance.


Our second idea is to invite pedestrians to “take a new path” that leads to our allotted land. We’d like to grab their attention via alluding to historical happenings through interactive QR code scanning.

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