Master Cube: “Consequence vs Conflict”

My dev cycle is going rather slowly, the amount of art assets required is a bit overwhelming and the scale of the world I want to create is much larger than I anticipated. I’m often running into the issue of “feature creep” and will at some point need to cut a lot from the game in order to make it a more cohesive play. Not many major advances, my most major advance is the outside of the Cult HQ is essentially complete and I’ve redesigned my player character. The most major setback is adding to many ideas of features for the game and I’ve really over-complicated it. The idea of creating a game where the player wants to join a cult because they think it’s a good idea, and the result of it is it ends up destroying their relationship with the world. People read into the character what I designed them to so that was nice. Simplify the narrative in a way that makes sense and doesn’t draw attention away from the critical path and concept for the game. The player has the most autonomy when he leaves the town and joins the cult. There’s also the most conflict/choice in how to leave the town, join the cult, what to do in the world. I think I must over conflict and choice to leave, join, and how to interact with people in the world. Whether or not they want to sacrifice everyone to meet Master Cube. I don’t think I should offer choice in whether they’re allowed to leave work on the first day. The player will also have to complete the trials of the cult upon joining.