Remix the City: Comment — Formulary for a New Urbanism

Today our culture and society is built around similarity and familiarity. We know what to expect everyday, what we are going to do, and who and what we are going to hear and see. Most of a daily activities are predetermined and planned out, without consciousness and we have become oblivious. Our days are busy and as a society we struggle to stop and take in our surroundings and the natural beauties of the world. Therefore, my formula for a ‘new urbanism’ aims to bring peoples attention to these natural beauties. I want to create a society in which everyone knows where the closest beach and natural area is to their main city and location.

I believe it is important that everyone has a space where they can relax and be free. A calming environment without being surrounded by capitalism. A space where one is able to abandon everything and be in the moment and clear their minds. Growing up in Sydney I was always in an extremely close radius to different beaches and I would spend much time there throughout the winter and summer.

Ivan Chtcheglov states in his “Formulary for a New Urbanism” that, “Darkness and obscurity are banished by artificial lighting, and the seasons by air conditioning”. Our world has become one of artificiality, we are constantly surrounded by an un-genuine man-made world forcing us to consume. People should have freedom to make up their own minds and be separate and be one with nature.

Instead of creating man-made natural areas, which occurs a lot in today’s society, I want people to be aware of the beautiful natural areas that are so close to them that so many populations have no idea about. To be able to separate themselves and take time to contemplate their position within humanity. To realize what is important and understand the capitalism and manipulation, we as a population are witness to everyday.