Remix the City: Comment — Jean-Paul Sartre and the Dérive

Sartre’s example of a intuition is telling “remove the prohibition to circulate in the streets after curfew, and what meaning can there be fore me to have the freedom… to take a walk at night?”
Sartre goes out for a walk in the beautiful city during curfew
street might look beautiful to him, or it might not, but this is just the street as an object of contemplation.
the street he wants to walk is an object of his freedom
his freedom selects it

The dérive is the experimental mapping of a situation
the trace of the probabilities of realizing a desire.
there is still the police to contend with, and delinquent lettersets and their friends would occasionally end up in jail for the night.
But the derive is no more than a no man’s land between consciousness and facticity
for itself and in itself
freedom and constraint

Room to discuss, maybe.