Drawing Machine: A Simple Machine

Before I came into contact with Drawing Machine, I felt that machinery was synonymous with manufacturing, as if it had nothing to do with art “The human hand is the most sophisticated operating tool in the world. Our idea is to throw away the mouse and let the hand take over its full function, ” says John Underkoffler, and Drawing Machine, which we do in class, is a good example of this. While sometimes we can’t control them very well, we can’t let them draw the shapes we want, but after all, we’ve only learned to create some simple models.


It was not clear to me when I first heard the term that its definition included a lack of complete understanding at the moment, and thought for a long time that machines were invented by humans to adapt to the natural environment, at the same time, to adapt to the changes of nature and social development to create a science of development. But it may not be true that the online search for the definition of a machine is a device made up of mechanics, and the British machinist Wylye’s definition is that any machine is made up of a set of components that are connected in different ways, so that the whole component motion, the rest of the components will have a certain motion, and the relationship between these components and the initial motion member depends on the nature of the connection between them, Relot, a German machinist, believes that machines are a combination of objects with resistance, configured in such a way that they force the mechanical forces of nature to do their work, accompanied by certain definite movements. In general, humans can use machines to make certain jobs more time efficient, and today machines can help people do complicated and tedious tasks such as mechanical hands, CNC machines, while some simple machines are essential to life, such as tweezers, hammers, and chopsticks, we can see machines everywhere in our lives, watches, cars, computers, fans, etc. People seem to live in a world of machines.


The Drawing Machine not only produces lifelike pictures, but also creates complex patterns and geometric shapes that cannot be painted by hand. Some of the drawing machines were set up and then operated in a short time using their mechanisms, but unfortunately, they were not automated at the moment and needed to be manipulated.


Mechanical Works of art are physical and interactive works of art. This is done to bring the emotional experience to a different level. In this way, the person interacting with the work creates its own internal definition of the work. When machinery and art are combined, what emerges is not a cold chart and shape, but another perfect performance.


For example, a simple Drawing machine — a compass. A compass is a tool used to draw circles or ARCS. The steel needle on the circular fixed leg has two different shapes: the tip with the step is determined when drawing the circular arc of the round goods; and the tapered tip can be used in a fractal way. The leg has elbow-shaped joint, can be replaced at any time with lead-core insertion, duck beak foot and conical steel pin for splitter.


Every time a new machine is born full of human creativity and exploration, these traditional machines are using the Automata, refers to the non-power supply, the wind-up device or the manual power source, the machine that runs itself. As I said earlier, I think the downside of drawing machine is that it can’t be automated. The AUTOMATA must be manually wound up, and the internal gears and moving parts of the machine are driven by the clockwork, so that they can move on their own. It makes me feel a little awkward about this kind of machinery.










Author: Nianxi Xie