Drawing Machines: Re-create Machine

These pictures show my process of re-creating my old fan. The only function that a fan can do is rotating, and I want my fan can actually draw something so rip my fan apart.


 This is my final work

I put those short pencils inside so that my new creature is able to draw.


And the two pictures above are my new creature’s artwork.

I think the most important thing in life is creativity, and the important thing is how to transform these ideas into things that can dramatically improve our lives to brighten up our day to day lives. When they are finished, they become art pieces that are different from other works of art because it has been communicated and communicated with its reformer. It is because of this communication that these works of art bear the artistic value of the manufacturing era and add to the artistic value of the era of transformation. There are many old objects that have a long history, so they have become two epochs of art culture and art in the tradition and spirit of the times, while at the same time conveying the classic and fashion of Modern Art, more importantly, they reflect their artistic value and the spirit of the Times. They also clearly reflect their respect for history and their love and pursuit of contemporary art. This kind of innovation for the sake of environmental protection and the transformation of the life attitude is the true artistic value and the spirit of the Times.


It is not too difficult to creatively express the artistic value and Zeitgeist of the old, such as the shape, color, and material of these old things can achieve certain effects, and you can add and subtract these old things in shape. For example, my fan doesn’t have any quirks in the styling, and my choice is to add a few pencils to add its line design.


This is a time of high-speed development of material civilization and a time of high concentration of resource waste. It is because of this kind of large waste phenomenon that the old material transformation this kind of environmental protection form can develop rapidly. The transformation of the old into a part of everyday life reflects not only the respect for history and the love and pursuit of contemporary art but also reflects the people from their own starting, make a contribution to the environment with your own ideas. Nowadays, people discover the unique meaning of these relics through their own eyes, communicate and communicate with the old things in their hearts and lives, and find the unique artistic value and spirit of the Times, then, by combining their own needs and ideas, we finally set out to put these ideas into practice, making them unique pieces of art while also producing some creative goods, make these eco-friendly masterpieces popular in people’s lives. After such a process, the art value and the spirit of the old things will be known and respected by more people, so as to achieve a high degree of unification of environmental ideas and creative practices, and to help people develop their subconscious ideas into environmental protection and creativity, and the changed attitude and habits of life, to contribute their own strength to the environment.





Author: Nianxi Xie