Conceptual Art: OKAYNESS

My conference project, titled “OKAYNESS,” has evolved conceptually quite a bit since I started working on it. When I first proposed the project, I had a lot of different ideas about what specifically I wanted to come across in the…

Art from Code: Conference Project-Supersonic eye

To be rather frank, I went into this project not knowing what I want to do. I knew I’d like to experiment with something new (be it code syntax, shapes, colors or effects), but coming up with a concept that…

Art From Code: Jumping Johnny

When the conference project was first assigned, I knew I wanted to create some form of a side scrolling game. As I began to work on this project, I was fortunate enough to find a drawing program that I could…

Art From Code: Collage

When a collage was assigned to our class, I remember being very excited to create something abstract with deep meaning. This past summer, I enrolled in an art class offered by the college called Material Abstractions. Throughout the class, we…

Conceptual Art: Conference Project

My conference project this semester really began with a simple desire: to make a secret society as a conceptual art piece. I’ve always been fascinated with secret societies. Something about the ritual of it all—the handshakes, the codewords, the dress—has…

Art From Code: Early Experiments

When we were first given the prompt for this project, I knew I wanted to create some alien/insect like figure. I wasn’t too sure how I was going to create it, but I ended up just getting started anyways. My…

Art from Code: Miami Beach Coaster Club

A look inside my evolving project As I pursue computer science, I am interested to see what directions I can go in with coding. My first idea for my conference project was to build a bouncing jelly bean simulator. You…

Hack & Glitch

Generative art with Processing – Jin

Hack & Glitch

— Max

Heart Space: 2D Meets 3D

Covid-19 had drastically altered the presence of visual and studios arts. For one, it’s in the name: visual and studio arts. It’s meant to be seen by eyes, heard by ears, experienced by bodies, and even sometimes felt by fingers….

Art from Code: Class Response to Grace Hertlein

For our last assignment of the semester, we were inspired by Grace Hertlein, a computer artist who uses nature as a source of creativity. To recreate similar art, we used the Perlin noise function. This is similar to using the…

Art from Code: Conference Project

Culminating in hours and hours of work and a final project I can be proud of, this is my final project. This project began as a side scroller, that needed opposing motion. To complete that particular check-in for our Art…

Conceptual Art: Conference Work

My project came to be from an interest in an idea, word, motion, and or feeling.  I am still unsure how to categorise it, and believe that it can be a part of all, some, none, or something not listed…

Hack & Glitch

— Max

Hack & Glitch

— tom

Hack & Glitch

Generative art through Processing -Jin

Conceptual Art: Conceptual Jewelry

Why I started it? I made artist presentation about Charlene Modena. And I like her conceptual jewelry. I think wearing meaningful conceptual jewelry is very cool. And my ideal career is jewelry designer… Why this topic? My theme for this project…

Conceptual Art : Finding a Form

As I was collecting evidence, I was naturally drawn to leaves because of the fall season. I found that they were easy to manipulate. You can do a lot with leaves. You can bring them close together to create a…


Angela Ferraiolo –> aferraiolo (at) sarahlawrence(dot) edu

Hack & Glitch

Three textedit glitches of a Sketchup design, worked on photoshop with the colors. – Kate