Art from Code: A Response to Vera Molńar

Molnar’s work focuses on the breakup of repeating units, mostly expressed as a series of increasingly distruped strokes or shapes. In this project, I have made use of the shape, ellipse. I started with a very simple image with a basic composition and added colour to the composition. Playing around with the code, helped me get a hang of the project and the joy of experimenting with basic objects. From the basic composition, I moved ahead and added movement, noise, shadows and colour to the objects in the iterations.

#1 The first iteration is a basic grid with the use of ellipse enhanced with bright colours.
#2 the second iteration emerged as a result of playing with scale and size in the composition.
#3 With the third iteration , I added noise and movement to the composition.
#4 The fourth iteration emerged as a result of adding shadow to the noise in the composition.
#5 The fifth and final iteration includes a change in colour, in addition to the noise in the composition.

Finally, through Molnar’s artworks, I understood that the main creative tension is derived from the juxtaposition of order and chaos and that is what makes her work unique and exciting.

Author: Kashvi Jain