Art from Code: A Response to Grace Hertlein

Grace Hertlein sought to digitalise nature. For her art work, she took inspiration from her natural surroundings. Eliminating the anatomical element from her computer art, she brought the natural element of art into her work. I experimented and recreated my very own version of Hertlein’s style which was an extremely fun project in itself.

Firstly, I tried to depict a dandelion by using a loop and rotating delicate circles around the screen in a certain irregularity. I chose a subtle and neutral background, which has its saturation increased as I progress my thought with each attempt.
Then, for my second iteration, I tried to depict a rays of the sun by using a loop and rotating lines in a circular pattern.
Lastly, in my third iteration, I depicted a hurricane by using a loop and making it look like a spiral with tiny rectangles varying in size.