Art from Code: A Response to George Nees

Modern generative graphic designer Georg Nees was a pioneer of computer art. One of Nees’ signature pieces is the Schotter (gravel in german). In this series he uses patterns, randomization, distruption and chaos to create a series of compelling digital art works. Through this post, I seek to pay my homage to Nees.

The first Iteration: I used a simple pattern of a grid of squares and added another one of the same kind on top of it, playing with the transparency. from the still pattern on the top, I added a little disruption in the bottom to connect it with my next iteration.

The second Iteration: I played with the random_sum and reduced the dampening to get the above image. This connects to the last piece in the series.
The third Iteration: In the last piece, I added as much disruption by reducing dampening and by increasing the random sum and value to follow the sequence and formed the above image.

In the above pieces I added a subtle loop to complement the pattern and used transparency and colour to add further chaos.

Author: Kashvi Jain