Drawing Machine: Lockdown ‘Lathis’

My conference project was on datamoshing, taking inspiration from the works of Takeshi Murata. I took up my theme as the lockdown situation in India. There are always two sides to the coin and while the efforts and sacrifices made by the police and the task force are beyond appreciative, there’s also a backside to the story. The video depicts the police beating up the offenders of the lockdown with ‘lathis’ (meaning sticks). So I went around and captured photographs during the lockdown. This video shows how all the streets have gone empty there’s nobody to be seen and it sends out the gloomy tone. It also shows images of people being beaten up and how the shopkeepers have drawn circles at a distance of 2 ft from one another  with white paint outside their shops and people are only allowed to stand keeping that distance. The video seeks to highlight the realities of the lockdown in India using glitch art. The gloomy tone of the music helps to highlight the actions. I’ve tried to add a lot of colours to it and glitched the images taking inspiration from my artist, Takeshi Murata.

Author: Kashvi Jain