Drawing Machines: Wave Simulator

Wave Simulator

In physics a wave can be thought of as a disturbance or oscillation that travels through space-time, accompanied by a transfer of energy. It could be described as oscillations or vibrations. There are different types of waves, it depends on the direction of the wave to tell if it is transverse or longitudinal waves. 

The machine that I build is called the “Wave Machine”, it will simulate a transverse wave. The machine contains 3 parts: ribbon, wooden skewers, and brushes. First, I hot glued all the wooden skewers in the ribbon but noticed it is important to make them position evenly, roughly spacing of two fingers. It is to make sure all the waves will have equal wavelength. Then, I need to wonder how to make the machine draw by itself. I was thinking of adding Chinese calligraphy pens attached to the end of the skewers and putting the paper under it; it will draw by itself while waving. However, it is more dependent on the length and weight of the pen for the machine to move rather than the motion of the machine itself. Thus, I changed my mind and attached brushes to the end of the  skewers.

After sticking the wave machine in the wall, I wet all the brushes and dug them in the different paint bottles. Then, I rolled a very long paper into the circle to cover the machine. So, when the machine starts waving it will just automatically draw inside the paper tube. I also flatten the paper under the machine, let the machine draw on the paper. Just in case, I put several pieces of paper on the floor, while the while machine is weaving the paint drips into it. Surprisingly, it looks good and makes a good painting. 

It is really fun to make this project and the classmates have given me lots of good ideas. By taking Physics and Art class, which seems irrelevant. Combining the theory I have learned and using the technique together into an art project is an amazing experience.

Author: Shuran Chen