Bad Guys: Group Game #1 Ion Rush

IonRush (click for .zip)

Ion Rush is a game of patience and timing. It forces the player to pay attention to the enemies’ patterns in order to proceed.


Each “laser beam” flickers (at a constant rate) between two colors – green indicates a safe passage and red a sudden death. I programmed the beams to be re-positionable, which gifts them the ability to section off the terrain and force the player into smaller and smaller “beamless” territories.


The significance of the beam colors becomes immediately apparent once contact is made. On a collision with a red beam, the player is sent back to the start. This form of failure instructs the player to pay attention to the flashing colors and gives them the choice to either hastily rush into the beams or take their time.


This game has been constantly rewritten and is currently built for even more revisions and features. The major jumps so far have been:
– Code structure to support beam width and location- Multiple beams
– Backgrounds that change color with player movement
– Clean(er) gui that indicates level completion

I’m looking to implement the following points:
– Revise code structure to accommodate for different color patterns/speeds/durations
– Have the beams move around
– Less rigid player movement (especially on a touch screen)

I have many ideas for this project and hope to continue working on its evolution!

– Dean Russo