Remix the City: Sticker Project — Taken to the City

adbust1 copy 2

Took my sticker design, printed it across 60 pieces of paper at the library and taped it together. Then removed an ad in a bus stop ad shelter in NYC and stuck it inside. I knew the piece would be backlit, so I cut the screen on the computer out ahead of time so that the light could shine through.

This project encouraged me consider the role of context and size in terms of the perceived meaning of a work. In the context of Heimbold, our visual arts building, the small, sticker version of this will most likely have an entirely different interpretation to students/staff than to the pedestrians who see the larger version at a bus stop. With that, the idea of “reframing” comes into play.

This project was a small triumph over the feeling that I do not have the authority to effect my visual environment. Advertisements impress the notion that I need, not only permission, but financial means in order to afford the “rent” of having a visual presence in the urban landscape. This project cost me $2.80. So it turns out I still did have to pay for my participation.