Mapping the Invisible: Site Specific — Surrealists

We are imagining our psychogeographic figure as someone who both sees with the unconscious eye, and wishes to encourage others to do the same. As someone who is highly influenced by the desire to enter the dream-state and believes in creating works that will act as intense stimulus to that transition.

We are using this figure in order to envision a transformation of our space into something that challenges concious perception. A space that denies the faculties of the ‘lower conciousness’ and pleads a higher truth, a ‘sur-reality’ as its defence.

We are responding to the elements of the surreal already present in our site and setting, and where something is ‘normal’ we are exploring the possibility of making it otherwise. We are questioning the natural laws so apparent and searching for things to twist to our purpose. We are isolating elements and spaces, as well as the site as a whole, in order to better explore their nature.

We are considering working to ‘unfix’ the fixed elements of the site by manipulation and illusion, and introducing incongruous or extreme elements to heighten the effect. These will be of various materials.


Author: Sukayna Powell