Mapping the Invisible: Site-Specific Plan – Revolutionary

We would hope that this would engage people to come into the space and interact with it and bring people into some sort of action. That inclusiveness is part of any revolutionaries goal.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code looks like this: a smart phone can scan them. Essentially they operate as a link. This can trigger an action in a browser – or make some txt show up.

How would we implement them?

We would make stencils and spray paint them onto boards. Here is a free software for generating QC codes [you merely input the link or text you want] and then making stencils that we could spray paint onto posts.

What would these posts look like?

This is something that could work. I would imagine them at 4 feet tall to make them easy to scan. Maybe half a foot across. Easily placed anywhere in our space.

How can these be made to interact with the location and make people become involved with them?

The posts can be set down bates hill. They can simulate a grave marker appearance with chalked body outlines at their feet. Revolutions often lead to a change – the markers are what they have or will terminate. Also the sort of spooky imagery of the body, of change and things endings, would help make people become involved. Further down when I refer to people interacting I will call them revolutionaries. Revolutionaries invite new participants.

Example line of posts going down Bates hill.
Post with chalk outline.

What are some things these QR codes do?

Here is a little spread sheet I whipped up. I offer this list only as some idea for brainstorming not as a complete or uneditable list.

Example : Type : Action : Action Explanation : Additional thoughts

When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right. Fuck the police. etc.
Social Media message(s)
Goes to a website
Scanning the code results in the revolutionary being taken to their facebook or twitter account with a revolutionary post already written – waiting their approval.
Revolutionary techniques are increasingly dependent on social media. It is likely the most relevant and succesful revolutionary tactic today.
Theme of a new republic
Goes to a website
Links to pieces of music – perhaps randomly generated – with revolutionary contexts.

Presents text
Single words designed to force a new line of thinking.
Revolutionary phrases and rethinking traditional definitions are core revolutionary values.
Presents text
A date. Random. but made significant to our revolutionaries. Perhaps accompany it with a faux-event that would impose either a sense of force or freedom.
Dates hold particular revolutionary significance, Guy Fawkes day, national hero birthday – and death days. Past and future dates are often used as a rallying point to propagandize.
JFK would become known as the
False Information sites
Goes to a website
Simple web pages presenting false information.
Information sabotage.

Flag generator
Displays image
Displays a random flag – perhaps paired with text of an ideology ex “British flag with the text ‘Anarcho-Syndicalism’”
Creates a divide between established order and states represented by flags – and the pure intellectualism and idealism of the revolutionary.

“Taken Out” Image
Displays image
Displays an image of someone blacked out scanning the same QR code Post that was just scanned
The fate of the revolutionary.

Other than the physical installation what would we have to do to make this work.’






We would have to be willing to come up with relevant information to display above. Come up with words and slogans and images. Maybe write and host some information to look like wikipedia or another more reputable site. Doing so is free of cost and we have tremendous freedom with what information we provide, from text, to doctored images around campus.