Playable Buildings: Regulation

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For my conference work I have decided to partially build a holographic illusion. Using plastic, I will create a rhombus with the fine point in the middle of the structure. I will be building this on using the repurposed monitor of a Dell computer and using cheap, thin, plastic to build the rhombus. I was wondering about other materials that a hologram could work with- would a “hologram” work using a saran wrap type material? wax paper? Originally, I planned to build the plastic rhombus with the center point being the projector- but there was a high possibility that this could not work out. I would like to utilize the Mac Mini’s to use madmapper to project on the wall behind the installed holographic illusion.  I would also like to use a kinect or leap motion for the user to interact with either (or, preferably, both)  the hologram or the map behind the hologram. I would like to utilize this experiment to discuss about internal selves and its interaction with the environment/ experimenting with what an internal self might perceptually look like. It would be interesting to experiment with having the user interact with both things, to show the hardship that comes with regulating a self in an abstract/ juxtaposing environment. With my map, I would like to work on dimensionalizing the abstract space behind the hologram using just the projections and light- with the main inspiration being from Urbanscreen and Ryoji Ikeda. I will be creating patterns specifically for this purpose.  I would like to use the hologram and the projection map, both reliant on the interaction between light and form, to see if I can dimensionalize internal/ non perceivable space. I wonder if being able to dimensionalize such aspects of the self in an abstract environment might help with internal regulation. This installation will hopefully encourage play by encouraging the audience to interact with the hologram and environment- and experimenting with using both using either a kinect or leap motion. I am keeping in mind a more physical play for this installation.

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Author: Samantha Morrison