Games from Nothing: Group Game #1 — Triangles Revisited

Looking back on the Triangles game, there were quite a few things that went really well and also some things that made me want to tear my hair out. However even the most frustrating things proved to be really educational. An interesting part of this game is that we actually went into the coding phase with a completely different game in mind. When we coded for random movement in the triangles we ended up with a really cool looking interface that we decided to run with it. After redesigning our game we were ready to go about coding again.

The most difficult part of the coding was definitely coding the triangle collision. Since we had to code all three of the points of the triangle individually, it was difficult to make the program sense the collision for the shape as a whole. However once we got that collision to work the rest of the game was easy enough to code.

Even though there were parts of this game that were a nightmare to put together, mainly triangle collision, the game as a whole was a lot of fun to work on. I definitely learned a lot about solving problems in code when there is no pre-written answers. After coding this game I definitely feel more equipped to code more games.