Conference Project Proposal: Bueno, Claro Que Si

molina_roto My conference project will consist of three animated videos with a length of 3 -6 min each. I will be using kinetic text and rotoscoping in order to create a series that reflect on my heritage as a Cuban-American. Rotoscoping is the act of tracing/drawing onto each individual frame of a video in order to create an animation. In the past I have used rotoscoping by bringing in the video footage into adobe flash, creating keyframes, then drawing on another layer’s keyframes in order to make the animation. With this conference project I will attempt to use the roto brush in after effects instead in order to achieve the same outcome. My goal is that each animation have kinetic text with accompanying line animations. In the photo above the video layer is apparent, and so is the layer above it on which I have sketched out what I want to be presented. Then the video layer will be deleted, and I will be left with a mini animation. Each mini animation will then be brought into after effects and find it’s home in a video. I will be using a Wacom tablet to draw with, and will be collecting footage of myself, and friends in order to create the mini animations. Many of the animations will not have color except for a few. I want to concentrate on bringing the animations in and working it with text. I hope each will tell a story.

Julia Pott, Belly.

Julia Pott makes surreal but beautiful animations. Her animations have much movement and incorporate a lot of different sorts of materials including real images. I want to incorporate some of what Julia Pott does in her animations into mine. I hope to work with more colors, incorporate real world images, and create mini animations that have a lot of movement to them. A lot of her work can be viewed on her Vimeo at: sketch_molina The title of the Conference Project: Bueno, Claro Que Si, reflects what the project will be based on. The project will be based on my own personal experiences as a Cuban-American. Much of the kinetic text involved will be in my 2nd language: Spanglish, of course. Video #1 will be based more specifically on my experiences working in the sneaker department in a Macys where 90% of the customers only speak Spanish. Video #2 will focus on myself in relation to my parents and my grandparents and will be a better reflection on who it is I am. Video #3 will be a recounting of some of my grandparent’s memories of Cuba. Only video #3 will have a audio soundtrack. For video #3 I will be using footage I took of my grandmother retelling stories, some of this video will be rotoscoped, and some of the audio will be used. I have sort of storyboarded/ sketched out what each of the animation will look like. A sample of what this looks like can be viewed above. The end product, I hope, will be a bit of a mixed-media series comprised of three animations.